Salesforce DevOps Tooling Landscape

Francis Pindar
2 min readSep 9, 2022
Salesforce DevOps Tooling Landscape

I remember when I first became interested in DevOps. I had just started working for an organisation, and we had packaged up our Salesforce Development work, filled out the documents to allow the release team to do their work and release to production, and we waited… I asked the team how long it took the release team to push our changes into production, and they replied that it usually takes about a week. After a few days, I asked the release team how it was going; they said they had the 15 approvals (yes, 15!) and one last approval remaining and would be good to go. I waited another day then we had the final approval, but now they said we were in the “release freeze” window and are not permitted to do any releases for a week as it’s the quarter end for the company. This was for a Salesforce org that wasn’t connected to any other systems, wasn’t a system of record and had very few users in it, so WHY did it need this level of governance?

At this point, I wanted to understand the full DevOps process and how I could improve the quality, speed and monitoring of releases.

Since then, I’ve learnt the importance of focusing on Flow and identifying constraints. Shifting testing and quality to the left of the development and release process. But also the importance of tooling to support your Salesforce DevOps process.

There is now a lot of tooling used in the industry to support Salesforce DevOps and so for DevOps Dreamin’ event in London, I created this Salesforce DevOps Tooling landscape diagram to show the tools that are available to you to support different parts of the DevOps process.

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