Salesforce just fired a shot across the Admin’s bow at Dreamforce.

Francis Pindar
3 min readSep 13

My prediction on Salesforce implementing AutoGPT-type tooling for Admins and developers is coming true at Dreamforce.

The landscape of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like Salesforce is set for a significant shakeup as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly sophisticated. Innovations in machine learning algorithms and data analytics have the potential to alter how these platforms are constructed, maintained, and utilised. This development has profound implications for developers and administrators whose roles could see a considerable transformation.

The current state of SaaS and Salesforce

Salesforce provides a robust, user-friendly platform where businesses can manage customer relationships, track sales, and perform a plethora of other functions. The power of Salesforce lies in its flexibility and scalability, both of which necessitate intricate customisation and administration. Salesforce administrators play a vital role in this equation. They are responsible for implementing changes, managing processes, and troubleshooting problems within the platform. This work is often laborious, requiring a deep understanding of the business requirements and the platform’s capabilities.

How will AI Influence Development?

AI technologies have advanced to a point where they can ‘understand’ human language, predict user behaviour, and make real-time decisions based on vast amounts of data. But this is the key: they require vast amounts of data. has been running for over 24 years. The Apex language was launched in 2006 and is over 16 years old, and Salesforce is the third largest software company in the world. Customers have built a lot of automation on the platform through declarative configuration or code. So, Salesforce has a lot of metadata data to go on to train their AI models.

Einstein for Developers

Salesforce Einstein for Visual Studio Code
Einstein in Visual Studio Code

Now developers don’t need to jump to Stack Exchange to find that bit of code they can ask Einstein directly in Visual Studio

Einstein for Admin’s

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